Our Missional Footprint (Missions)

It's a honour to make a difference in our backyard and to the ends of the world. Bethel Huntsville is a safe place for all new comers to Canada.

  • ERDO

    ERDO (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas) is a top 100 charity in Canada for serving on the front lines of where the greatest needs are in the world. From feeding those in abject poverty to child sponsorship. In 2021 we partnered with ERDO to feed 26 kids for a year in Zimbabwe, and 22 more in Yemen for a month. We helped pay for a bore well towards 1 or 3 projects in Zimbabwe, Kenya or Tanzania, for sustainable drinking water and we also supported 6 moms in Kenya to build a business and provide a working income for her family. We also provided the medical cost of emergency medical services for 5 children in poverty who would not be eligible for help. It's an honour to partner with ERDO. Check them out here: ERDO.

  • The Table Foodbank, Huntsville

    Scripture is clear about feeding the hungry. We believe in this great program within our own community; feeding the hungry begins in your own back yard and stretches across the world. We celebrate opportunities throughout the year to raise food or funds for the Table Foodbank. We did both in 2021. Read more here: TABLE.

  • Village of hope: Mwanza, Tanzania

    Village of Hope in Mwanza Tanzania is an incredible program give orphan kids hope and a future. It meets the immediate needs of kids and their families while giving them a future through education and community. VOH is faith based and gives kids the opportunity to experience faith for themselves. VOH Mwanza is directed by Julius Kenyamanyara. Read more here, VOH.

  • Petra CITY CHURCh: Mwanza, Tanzania

    A new church planted in November 2020. This church serves the people of Mwanza, Tanzania and is multi-generational church. This church was planted by Jade & Julius Kenyamanyara and is almost completely run by volunteers. Check them out on FB: Petra City Church.

  • Christine's Place, Huntsville

    Christine's Place in Huntsville supports women who find themselves in need during pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned. Their support goes beyond just the pregnancy but to the mom and baby afterwards. Check them here: CP.

  • Child Care Plus

    Child Care Plus is a child sponsorship program run by the ERDO/PAOC. What makes this program so good is that there is no administrative costs that is taken from sponsorship money ... all your support goes directly to the support of the child. Bethel will be sponsoring 2 children staring in 2022: 1 boy & 1 girl. Read more about CCP here: CCP.

  • Samaritan's Purse

    In 2021, we donated 156 Christmas shoe boxes for deserving kids around the world. These boxes are filled with toys, crafts, school supplies and other fun stuff. This is a great organization making a difference & putting a smile on children's faces around the world. Check them out here: OCC.

  • Other Local Charities we Support

    We also support the following charities/organizations in the Muskoka Region: The Salvation Army Foodbank, The Door (youth drop-in), Huntsville Hospice & Huntsville District Memorial Hospital, first responders, and our local schools. In 2021, we donated 2500+ pounds of non-perishable food and bought locally for our community events. We love our home; #impactmuskoka.

  • Global Workers

    We support a number of Global Workers serving in the front lines to share the Gospel with people around the world. These workers live the Gospel message in their communities, serving the people with practical supports and care. Bonita Abrams, David & Eileen Courey, and the Kenyamanyara family.