LiveWire YOuth

Gr8 & Highschool (Fri @ 7pm)

In our youth program our mission is to build bridges with youth in our community while help all youth connect with God. We encourage students to live their faith by impacting our world for good & replicating the goodness of God in their places of influence.

All youth volunteers act as mentors and are screened to help foster a safe and healthy experience for youth to grow in their faith.

Tweens & Pre-Teens


It is no secret that our kids have many challenges to navigate in this world today. The Tween age (8-10) and JR high age (11-13) are formative ages where kids move from childhood to adolescence; it's the most intensive time of change in a person's life outside of birth. We are here to help and cheer them on, encourage and show them that God cares for Tweens & Pre-Teens. Our new program will be 1 hour and 15mins and it will feature relevant and motivational talks, peer group discussions in a smaller setting and interactive games or hands on activities AND worship music they can call their own and sing to. Watch for more details to come. Interested in signing up your child or finding out more info? Contact us here and leave your name, your child's name and age and a contact phone #: Looking forward to a great fall, hope to see you or your tween/jr high there!