Our Mission Vision & Values

We're not a Church that exists without purpose.  Habakuk 2:2 tells us to;

'write the vision down and make it plain so people will know.'

That's what we've done.

If you're interested in why we exist, we want to be a group of people who Give, Grow and Go.  

  • GIVE.

    2,106 times the Bible talks about righteousness in the context of generosity.  We take that very seriously.  Here at Bethel, we strive to Give Generously of our Time, Finances, and other Resources.

  • GROW.

    The Apostle Paul chastised the Corinthian Church when they were drinking milk instead of eating steak.  Here at Bethel, we have four areas we strive to Grow in; Discipleship, Community, Excellence and Cultural Relevance.   

  • GO.

    We believe a Church with a "Me" mentality isn't Kingdom minded.  Therefore we've made Going a top priority of ours.  We Go here, there and everywhere God calls us. Here at Bethel we believe Home Missions is just as important as going overseas (we strive to do both).